Monthly Log 2023-11

More papercraft

I made a second version of the papercraft house I made last month. It glows! (correction: the house does not glow. A light inside the house glows. The house is made of paper and plastic and glue and toner, and has no mechanism that allows it to glow.)

Read more about it!

of a little papercraft house in a sort of Tudor Revival style, with
a stone first floor, wooden door, and stucco second floor with wooden
beams. It is textured in a pixel-art style. There are some columns at
each vertical edge, and a rim around the house at the boundary between
each floor. Very blocky.

More wiki development

Addad a bunch of features to my wiki template, including the site map and table of contents that you see on the left sidebar (on desktop), and little icons after every link, based on what site it links to (notably, Wikipedia).

Also moved to Codeberg pages (and will probably move again because I really don't like the upload workflow). The issue that I had with sourcehut pages is that it won't let you use third party Javascript. While I totally understand, and still use sourcehut pages for my other site, I really wanted Sketchfab and KiCanvas support, and while I could get away with including KaTeX source in my webpage, this was not true of Sketchfab's embeds, and would likely require me to learn npm and TypeScript (eww) to do it for KiCanvas.

Rust on RISCV ESP32s

Did some cursory exploration of flashing Rust code to RISCV ESP32s. Seems to work OK for both the ESP32-C2 and ESP32-C3, but I couldn't find or modify a Wi-Fi example to work with the C2. I'll keep you updated though.

Game engines

Read here about every game I've made in recent history, and the engines (or lack thereof) that I used